DraftCraft USA hosts a wide range of events at its premises and at partner venues Across USA and Beyond Borders. You may email at to sign up for an event of interest or to enquire about the same.

For details on upcoming events, visit our social media links here.

DraftCraft Dialogue
A discussion forum to generate academic and intellectual material on contemporary issues and topics from around the world, DraftCraft Dialogue engages pertinent academicians, experts, practitioners and authorities across industries. The sessions are conducted mostly in private but sometimes thrown open to the public.

Talks Of Cause
Talks Of Cause are talks, round-tables and public lectures hosted for the affected and interested. The idea is to throw open discussions to boost awareness of contemporary social issues, discuss laws involved, analyse solutions and cases in point. The talks held are pertinent to specific Industry Players, Professionals, Students of Journalism, Law, Business, Film-making, Social Work and Socially Active and Vigilant Citizens.

Each session of Talks Of Cause is documented and reports are generated for publication across DraftCraft's portals and in the media. White papers on key issues are generated for pertinent legislative action.

Certificate Courses and Workshops
A wide range of professional, industry-certified and globally-relevant Certificate Courses are offered by DraftCraft Institutes, the educational arm of DraftCraft International.

The institutes also host Workshops for students and professionals across industries to keep them abreast of the latest in law and policy of the respective industry and to enhance skills for academic insight and career growth.

Exhibitions and Shows
DraftCraft USA hosts regular 'news exhibitions' followed by shows and screenings at its Studios, Across USA and Beyond Borders, to help highlight issues that make news and offer a platform to discuss, debate and highlight the crux issues Via Media and By The Law.

While some key events that discuss crucial issues may be held solely for members of the media, legal fraternity, civic authorities, police and administrative authorities and by invite for closed sessions, DraftCraft also hosts walk-in 'photography shows and public screenings' to boost sensitivity and an interest in urban affairs among citizens and niche art-loving audiences.

StopWatch and SeeChange
Films and documentaries are reflective of contemporary society and provide the perfect medium to learn about diverse cultures, places and grab a peep into global dynamics while seated on your couch. The SeeChange category of DraftCraft's flagship initiative, StopWatch Film Screenings, exposes you to this extremely powerful medium to not just satiate the creativity pangs but also initiate and propagate change in society.

It is, therefore, our constant endeavour to promote art while driving home the message and tackling the issue in question.

Tours Of Cause
The best way to understand a community, its people and their problems is to 'be' with them. In an effort to 'promote' issues of a zone but at the same time sensitise visitors and ensure inclusive tourism, DraftCraft initiated Tours Of Cause more than two decades ago. Initially open primarily to journalists and lawyers, Tours Of Cause has now been thrown opened to members of the public as well.

These tours are specially designed for sensitive, aware and responsible individuals who wish to know 'more'. Tours Of Cause guarantees finer details that include social issues affecting locals of the particular zone in addition to the history and heritage of the zone. DraftCraft USA is committed to working with local communities on issues of social and legal reach and funds generated from Tours Of Cause are directed towards legal aid and social welfare of these communities.

Creativity is best expressed by a mind at peace. In the rushed pace of city-life, we often lose touch with our creative side and the imbalance detriments our lives further. We keep dreaming of a getaway to spend some 'me time' to get back in touch with yourself.

The Retreats organised by DraftCraft USA provide the perfect excuse to take some time off and hone your creative skills. The retreats are conducted for aspiring, amateur and professional writers, photographers and film-makers at serene locations across borders.

The most beautiful things in the world are also the most obscure and difficult to find. Nature closely guards its exotic spaces and people. DraftCraft USA undertakes DocumenTrips to go far and wide to document ancient structures, zones and rare tribal communities.

Ideal candidates for DocumenTrips are Law/Media students and professionals but other interested members of the public are welcome too.