DraftCraft USA initiates campaigns of public interest on an ongoing basis. If you feel strongly about an issue, empathise with the weak, want to uplift the society you live in and wish to make the world a better place, join in!

DraftCraft USA works collectively towards educating people around the world about their rights and empowering them to take up their own cause. You could pitch in with ideas, time, energy and whatever means available to further the cause.

The team at USA is positive and energetic originating from diverse backgrounds such as literature, economics, photography, mass media, history, public policy, law, international relations, management, technology, etc. The diversity exists not only in education but ethnicity, culture, gender, and nationality.

As a volunteer, you could:

Travel with us on unique projects that make a difference
Photograph at exotic and unexplored locations and get an opportunity to have your work featured in regular exhibitions and road shows
Film with us to make documentaries, shorts and experimental films for media and international film festivals
Work with us to generate media content by way of news articles, reports, research papers and e-publications for authorities and the media
Participate in regular workshops and talks where target groups are briefed about their legal position and discuss myriad facets pertinent to the issue in question at public fora

At present, we are looking for volunteers for the following campaigns:

* BY: Volunteers' marketing skills and experience help raise funds by selling products, creatives, key merchandise and furthering sales as well as by partake in fundraisers 'By' which you further the cause.

* DRAW: Those with artistic skills create work in public spaces by sketching, painting, drawing to further a message, to 'Draw' public attention to the cause.

* RIGHT: Writers, journalists and researchers work towards curating workshops on Law and Campaigns to help 'Right' a Wrong.

* POSE: Influencers help in drawing awareness through Body Art Campaigns and Public Space Modelling to 'Pose' an issue before authorities or the public.

The Volunteering Programme is available for a minimum one-week period for the below projects to US  citizens, naturalised US citizens, foreign students of US universities, citizens of Canada and lawfully permanent Cuban natives:

1) The '15' Project
2) The Abortion Project 
3) The Art Of Cause Project
4) The Boat Project
5) The Different Strokes Project
6) The Fake Findings Project
7) The Freedoms Project
8) The History & Heritage Project
9) The Human Rights Project
10) The Marijuana Project
11) The Migration Project
12) The Public Space Project
13) The Right To Death Project
14) The Terror Trail Project
15) The Skin Project
16) The Rights of Accused

Only US citizens and naturalised US citizens can apply for the Volunteering Programme for the below pilot projects:
1) The California Project / The Migration Project
2) The Guantanamo Bay Project / The Rights Of Accused Project
3) The Las Vegas Project / The Marijuana Project
4) The New York Project / The Homeless Project
5) The Texas Project / The Human Rights Project

If you wish to volunteer with DraftCraft USA, fill the Volunteering Form below or click here to access the form.

Note: It is mandatory for volunteers to live and work at DraftCraft's project locations where they are provided shared residence, meals and internal conveyance (to and from project locations) at discounted rates*. The Volunteering Programme is NOT an internship programme where workshops are charged at premium rates. DraftCraft Volunteers are provided opportunities to avail select workshops free of cost during the Volunteering Programme.