US Supreme Court Overrules Women's Right Over Their Own Bodies

That US Supreme Court's overruling of the Roe v/s Wade was a dismal imminent was given but worse is the shockingly casual treatment of the event by the world's media and political leaders. 

The nation's inability to transform the 1973 ruling into a legislation was bad enough, but even worse is the effect the overruling has had on the state of women rights in the United States, almost five decades later. 

The nation hasn't flinched while exercising a self-professed moral right to police the rest of the world even formulate state-funded studies to evaluate the extent and reach of women rights across the globe, even as its own lot is affected directly and drastically.

Individual states within the US had already started to pass restrictive abortion laws and will, now, with the overruling done and dusted, gain a shot in the arm. 

Law is but a remedy for a wrong that must not just be made available in letter, but in spirit and practice. Sadly, with propaganda ruling the roost, the truth is the inevitable casualty as always. 

Till then, the nation will have to start to look within and effect changes just like they need to do with the gun law situation.